Redesigning your Bedroom

Your bedroom is your solace, a special place where you recharge your tired mind and body. However, bedroom remodeling is perhaps the last thing that most people think about. This is because they are more into remodeling the porch, the living room, or the dining area. After all, these are the places where they entertain visitors and friends.

A place where you go to feel rejuvenated and relax should look and feel its best for you to enjoy your time there. So if you suddenly find yourself in your bedroom thinking that it looks old, dull, or boring then it is time to revamp your bedroom. Here are a few tips on how you can remodel your bedroom in a way that can improve its value and functionality:

1. Move the furniture around

One of the most cost-effective ways of remodeling your bedroom is by moving the furniture around. Doing this will help you achieve that look and feel of a “new” bedroom that you yearn for without necessarily having to spend a fortune. Just remember to be careful as you move the furniture around and take note if any of it needs to be repaired or replaced.

2. Paint it a different color

Changing the color of your walls is another cheap and effective way to remodel your bedroom without breaking the bank. Regardless of your bedroom style, try not to select an overwhelming color as this can have effects on your mood and the quality of your rest. Instead try to select white or light shades of blue, yellow or pink, to achieve the soothing effect you’re after.

Painting your bedroom doesn’t have to be an expensive home remodeling project, but if it’s not an option consider adding some wallpaper or even purchasing some colorful rugs. The right colors of paint, wallpaper or rugs, can enhance your bedroom’s space and lighting, and once it’s paired with your recently moved-around furniture, you might just believe you bought a whole new bedroom set.

3. Invest in a new lighting fixture

Lighting plays an essential role in any room so another way of getting a bedroom make-over without spending a lot is by playing with it. You may need to invest in one or more lighting fixtures to fit your room and needs. For example, if you like to read before bed then you may want to consider special lighting near the headboard., or if you have a desk set up in one corner you want to make sure it’s appropriately lit too. Regardless of the situation, make sure that the lighting fixture you do choose goes well with your bedroom style, color, and even the furniture, otherwise, you might find yourself back in square one.

4. Change your bedding accessories

Refashioning your bedroom doesn’t necessarily mean you will find yourself tearing down walls and drilling holes everywhere. Another simple way to change the overall look of the room is by changing your bedding accessories like pillows or throw-blankets, your mattress, or even your bedding linen.

If you’re unsure of what color to pick, white is always a versatile option because it will blend in well with any theme and design. However, you can always mix and match colors to your liking until you find the blend that goes with your taste.

5. Add some organizers or storage space

If you’re already re-arranging the whole bedroom, you might as well make it more spacious in the process. When you have many small items or paperwork you can’t get rid of, investing in storage space is always a good idea. Besides making your bedroom neater, it can also make your room look nicer since there are many different options. For example file cabinets, nesting baskets, closet organizers, etc.

Like we mentioned before, getting a bedroom make-over doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive or complicated. Simple things such as moving the furniture around, painting the walls a different color, playing with the lighting, changing your bedding accessories, and even adding some organizers can all go a long way. Having said this, when considering home remodeling your bedroom should always be part of the project. All you need is a little creativity to get started!

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