Ashley Furniture – Guintte 5′ x 6’7″ Rug

R403972 – Guintte 5′ x 6’7″ Rug

Ashley Furniture – Guintte 5′ x 6’7″ Rug
Discussion about carrying present day fly to a space. With its multilayered round plan and satisfying palette of dark, earthy colored and cream tones, the Guintte territory mat is determinedly intense without going ahead excessively solid.

Made of polypropylene

Machine woven

Contemporary example in dark, earthy colored, cream and white tones

Floor covering cushion suggested


Spot clean as it were


15.5 lbs.

(7.03 kgs.)


Width: 60.00″

Profundity: 79.00″

Stature: .47″

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